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Decentral Drive Solutions

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SK 160E Decentral Drive Solutions

SK 160E is an electronic switch control with both paths united into motor terminal box. It has an unified thermistor kind of motor protection that gives a motor output between 0.25 KW to 4 KW. Thus, switching and monitoring process of the drive doesn't require any components in control cabinet. This proves that SK 160E never compromises on quality and comes across as the ultimate solution for various decentralized drive applications.

Performance: 0,25. 3,0/4,0 kW, 3 AC 200. 480 V


  • Fuss-free motor starting and stopping from dual rotational directions
  • Easy lock time setting with rotary coding switch control
  • Broad input voltage range
  • Generally used field buses can also easily control
  • Merged LEDs to display operating status and any fault diagnosis
  • Optimized temperature observance for motor
  • Total brake management
  • 1000 switch operations on per hour basis
  • Class A intervention suppression EMC limit